Friday, February 6, 2009

March 1st, and New Link for Biscornu

Hi everyone! First I would like to say we are updating the sendoff date for the ladies to March 1. It is only a week or so from the due date, and we are so busy. We can send early, but I want everyone to be stress free :) 2. I wanted everyone who is interested to know about a 15 square biscornu I saw on my Basket of Biscornu SAL (for lack of a better definition)... It is incredible, and I think it would take more time, but would be so easy. There is also a wonderful tip for placing the button in the middle of your biscornu more easily! I have added the link to the blog links to the right as well :) 3. Just wanted to share some cute Dante news :) a. he did his first look grandma, I am not holding on to anything, and I am still standing :) and b. he figured out that the shadow on the wall moved with him :) he then moved his head in a cute back and forth sway for quite some time, and giggled. So lucky to have such a joyous baby :) Thank you all. . . have a wonderful weekend :)

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