Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 24th

Okay, I think I have the spam cleaned up now... Hope everyone is doing well... Just wanted to remind everyone that the round of the 3 Ladies we have currently been working on is due out on February 24th. If there will be any problems getting it out, please let me know. I wonder what everyone`s thoughts are on after we finish the round... it seems we are very quiet. I was thinking of taking a small break, and then perhaps doing a SAL... I dont know... if anyone has ideas ... that is great... you have all been so much fun to stitch with, and I do hope we remain friends. I feel as if I have hurt some of you perhaps... as there is so much silence... If so, I never have meant to... I have a very busy life, and I am not truly caught up... ever. I never mean to hurt anyone. Hope all is well... HUGS to all that need them. Laura


drea_dear said...

Hey, Laura. I'll be working hard to finish this round by 2/24 - I've had her for less than a month, but I think I'll get it out within a week of the due date.

I think I'm ready for a RR break after round 6. It's fun, but my rotation is fuller than I'd like right now. I'm starting a SAL in March (Book of Ink Circles) - just one day a week.

I think we're all busy - I know Pixie's busy with classes (her schedule is kinda brutal this term), and I'm "busy" with facebook and church and stitching and finishing. You've done nothing to offend anyone, I just don't think people have a lot to say right now (except me, lol).


Rebekah said...

A break sounds ok to me. I'm involved in 2 RRs right now and, while they are tons of fun, they pretty much take all my stitching time away from my other stitching. SALs are great because each stitcher can go at their own pace but still be motivated to work on their project.

You have never offended me in any way. I guess I'm just not a "chatty" person. ;)

Robin said...

Laura, your scissor fob went in today's mail! thanks!!!

Dragonflymystic said...

thank you robin,
and to everyone else, I know not everyone is chatty...
Just missing the group is all...
:) I love looking through your blogs...
... and keeping track of your progresses.

Vanessa said...

I know I truly do appreciate all you have done for this group. I just think everyone is so so busy - I know for I work 6 day a week right now and will be doing so until we leave for Fl vacation on March 14. I am working hard on the Lady I have to finish it up. I appreciate the extra week! :)
Hey are we up for another round after this? What would it be?
I am in!

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