Friday, July 4, 2008

VANESSA you are our lottery winner!

Vanessa, :) You won the lottery this morning! Did you feel lucky? It is past the 9:00 deadline, and I am sorry. I ended up babysitting for a friend till 3 p.m. and just got around to the computer end of things! SO I will e mail everyone Vanessa`s addy when I get home... Take a picture if you can of the piece, but I think Vanessa can post it if you cannot. CONGRATULATIONS Vanessa, and to those who did not win, we should have another lottery in December. (or so) :)Laura Lottery Mom will post a pic later of my son picking Vanessas name out of the bunch.


Rebekah said...

Congratulations Vanessa!

Carol said...

Hi Laura - can you please email Vanessa's address? I wiould like to put my package together to mail out Monday morning... thanks!

Vanessa said...

I have been away and could not believe when I saw the email that I won the lottery! What a great Surprise - this was fun.
Cannot wait for the next one. Next time - I hope for a new winner. I love for others to receive gifts as well

Carol said...

Vanessa, I just mailed your gift today. I am only in NH, so it should not take long for it to reach you ;-) I do hope you will enjoy it! .... Carol

Vanessa said...

Update: I have received two of the stitched pieces this past week. They are stunning!
I will get batteries and take photos. Today I hope! I am having a hard time taking photos with my camera - not sure why - it is new - Verizon needs to replace it quick!
Anyway - what fun this has been!
Thank your son Laura for me! What a super nice Surprise!

Carol said...

Was one of them mine? I have been waiting and waiting to hear that it arrived... could you let us know??

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