Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pixie, Do you think I could get a pic of the progress Andrea made on the lady?? ok.. so I am sorry it has taken so long to post. I have been on overnights for one week and then I was working on getting this apartment perfect for my candle party this weekend - for a girl at work... I did also get my finals done... so far I have 3 As and a B+ so ... I am happy .... now I am back on days and Saturday night I plan to stitch. Next Friday I am off... so at the latest I will go to the other house and find my cable for my printer, scanner so I can get some pics in here... I need to update badly... How is everyone.... Spring is here! It is a busy season... Hey... my spring cleaning is 98% finished!!!!!! I am so sorted out .... I havent been so sorted out in my life lol HUGS to all anyone not get a biscornu??? let me know... unless I have already talked to ya.... Laura


Stichin Tyme said...

Laura, Sent you 2 e-mails requesting help with solid tan color in round 2 of the The Dark Sorceress. Can you tell me which color it is please..

Dragonflymystic said...

You must not have gotten my e mail... I am so sorry ... I sent 2 I think ... but here goes... the tan color on the bottom of the dark sorceress is :
782... I can see how this could be confused with 3852
... if that is what happened then I would use a lighter color on top that works and include it in your shipment, letting the person know who is next what the changes are...
:) no worries... I probably would have done the same thing....

Dragonflymystic said...

Let me know if that did not help....

Stichin Tyme said...

I Actually did the center light 3852 and the outside dark 782. I told Andrea it was going to be delayed though. Nope didn't get your e-mails though.

pcsolotto said...

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