Monday, February 18, 2008

Laura, I don't know how much furniture you need to replace (if any), but you mentioned a while ago that you were looking for a chaise lounge. My mom and I found a nice discount furniture place with tons of selection - Factory Furniture Outlet on Bothell-Everett Highway (on the Everett end, by the Silver Lake Costco). We were looking for a new sofa and dining room set, and I saw some chaises and thought of you. Their prices are incredible, too. Good luck with moving on with your life. 2 stressful changes at once is hard, but it sounds like you're handling it well. I've been moving slowly on my lady - we have until March, right? I've finished the main background color and am on to the scattered flowers and leaves. I'm excited to do the tweeded stitches soon! I hope that now that I'm done with the large block of color the rest will seem to go more quickly. Andrea


Dragonflymystic said...

Yes the date we send off is March 1st :)
I finally get to stitch more on mine tomorrow...
And this Saturday as well... Hope to finish it soon.. I am on track with all else! I hope you got my e mail... I will go to look for the chaise lounge! Sounds wonderful !! That is the only piece I really need although I may get my son a better fitting desk for his computer ....
HUGS to all Laura

pcsolotto said...

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