Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just checking in!

Just wanted to check in... I am part way moved in... long story ... but I actually got the keys this morning instead of on the weekend ... so ... now I am finished with tonights homework. I am also sick ... almost better I think.... I hope.... it is a dreadful thing that seems to be going around up here... hope none of you get it... for 3 days I literally felt like I could not get out of bed.... today I am out of bed... and better than yesterday .... tomorrow should be better. I should be moved in by the weekend so I can unpack. Perhaps I can even do something with mom. HUGS to all, and thank you all for your support. I GOT MY FOB... Posted a pic at the Hooked on Exchanging link and Rebekah, dont give up on me.... Your biscornu is still finished but because of moving it hasnt been sent yet... soon... I promise Laura


Vanessa said...

Laura, sending you wishes to feel better real soon! You have lots going on at the same time and it can do numbers on your immune system.
Rest is key!
BTW, I started adding photos to my blog finally and Flickr
Working on my Biscornu - way cute!

pcsolotto said...

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