Monday, March 30, 2009

this past weekend

Dante`s moments: 1. when we were at Jon`s parents and he found their shell with the change in it... he picked out the quarters and dimes and threw them on the table and back into the shell... all is good but not into the mouth one of the no`s was met with "_es" (no attitude)as he handed me the quarter with a smile. 2. We went to my friend Stacys and her baby had a binky in his mouth ... so he pulled it out and put it in his mouth... he was so unaware that he had caused Quentin to be anxious to get it back he just thought it was what you do with a binky.... later Quentin took his, and he smiled.... Grandma hopes he is always innocent although I know it is not possible.... after all he is related to me ... lol

B.K. Lusk; Heaven and Earth Designs

Our HAED sal group has asked which chart we would pick if we won so ... because I have no idea and because I think you all are the best :) I am asking you to help me vote I doubt I win, but I have been struggling with this question anyways: If I were to win the chart I would choose???? I know the artist... but I have no idea which to buy (or win) first :) can you choose? I love B.K. Lusk and I do not have a chart yet because it is so hard to pick one! Laura HELP!!! 1. Selen 2. Gossamer Flight 3. Absinthe Fairy 4. Blue Orchid

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Photobucket Today Jon and I took Dante to the aquarium in Seattle we had lots of fun :)

Dante update

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Dante playing with one of uncle Jared`s hats today :) xo Laura

progress on red poppy

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, March 23, 2009

Signups posted for Mirabilia SAL

The Mirabilia SAL signup spot has been added under my Keeping Track blog (link is to the right) Soon I will add the names of those who already want to be signed on... :) I have to keep track - lol Thank you everyone! Laura

Sunday, March 22, 2009


the writing is too small on the graphic below so I want to credit the artwork to Lorie Davison; designer for I will get it enlarged as well! Laura

Sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peek at something I have been working on :) I have the next week off of college, and Dante on Tues. I go back to work on Thurs. I need the break :) Got my final done :) yay! Start school again on the 30th. Anyways... I am behind... as usual... but since I have days off I will work on the signups for the Jan SAL tomorrow as well as posting some more. Hope everyone is doing well... :) Laura Dante has been singing :) so cute... he dances by moving his head (body a little) from left to right when there is music. Well he put some "words" in there... not quite joining them with music, but I knew he was singing, SO I copied him... wow, he was thrilled :) and danced faster! SO then I added some more words and notes, and he is so cute just watching and smiling and dancing. We had fun dancing on the couch... well he was standing on the couch I should say:) Hugs to all :) Laura

Friday, March 20, 2009 This is Kim`s site: she awarded us with the top 10 site award below!! If you like the Lion King, she is giving away a Lion King cross stitch chart on her site... good luck to all ... Laura
This is another award that we recieved this week on our blog ;) very nice :) love ladybugs :) they remind me of a musical ladybug my grandpa bought me whose wings moved when the music played.... unfortunately the wings eventually broke due to the constant movement and my mom took the music player out so I could have that... it just wasnt the same ....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 please follow this link to see more information on my bed and breakfast dream... mind you ... some of it is pretty scary.... the house is wonderful... though if you believe in spirits you should note, there are definitely chances some may exist here. I believe in good ... and I believe the place needs a chance to be opened up into the beautiful experience it should be once again... just a side note... since I found this great pic! Laura

mirabilia signups start this weekend SAL please scroll down on this link to jan 26th for an example of the kind of SAL I will be hosting starting Jan 2010 :) I am so excited about this... each piece will be unique... I will post rules this weekend in Keeping Track.. as well as a sign up sheet... this will give us a small break and it will be needed :) I will take signups through Nov 1st.... after that we will know how many people will be stitching how many squares/rectangles/ (shapes) should be bordering your piece in order for the SAL group to fill them in with their gorgeous Mirabilia design to fit with the theme... I think that personally I like the idea of any part of Mirabilia that would enhance the design (for instance ... in fairy idyl, perhaps the rabbit would appeal to a corner in the SAL) ... any questions or ideas can be posted in Keeping Track... :) see you all soon! excited! Laura

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I will dig out the pattern and get the link for the design below soon... It is a Freebie :) SO it will be something I can share with you :) Laura

Saturday, March 14, 2009

round 11 fair and square

Here is a pic of the last fair and square I sent out... My partner has recieved it... :) thank you for looking happy weekend :) Laura

progress on HAED Red Poppy

Although the main reason I got so much done is I had my grandson only half a day today :( I am happy with my progress... My grandson has a cold, but is doing fine... When I am done posting the pic I am headed upstairs to do some more stitching on Red Poppy ; HAED :) love it... how did I ever put this piece down :) Laura

Vanessa, and all

Hope you have a safe trip that includes fun and some relaxation... everyone have a nice weekend I will post pics of my HAED progress soon ... Dante is asleep he has a cold ... and therefore we are taking it easy I am only watching him half the usual time so he can be at home and relax... he is so cute it is hard to take him back :( I hate to see him miserable... at least he is a normally happy baby and tries to find the fun in everything! HUGS, Laura

Happy Stitchin'

Hello to all :) Just wanted to say I will be away - leaving in an hour - off to NYC then FL for a week - happy stitching to you all and will check back again when I get back

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anyone have a Heaven and Earth Design that they want to be inspired to stitch? join me below ;) (link)

Our Friends' HAED SAL

Our Friends' HAED SAL

Sisterhood award

I recieved this sisterhood award and wanted to pass it along... Andrea, You are the first I will pass it to - again. You were the first member of my blog home and continue to not only stitch with me, but share in all of my ups and downs and laugh and cry with me... I could not ask for a better sister... and do not own one... I was lucky enough to meet you in person... and although you have moved since, I still hold that day as a treasure. I think you are most creative... very sweet... and above all a great mother! You are such an inspiration :) thank you! Rebekah, Colleen, Vanessa, and Pixie - wow... I love all of the group so much.... Rebekah - I love your spirit ! I love how you are true to yourself... I love how you care about others - probably more than yourself. I love the photo of you with the little girl, because I love children and know that you do too... I love that you love life and live it to the fullest and that you are a gardener and animal lover... Purple and green cannot be beat either :) I love your happy spirit, and I thank you for being a sister stitcher. Colleen Sometimes life is rough, and truly I feel that it has lately for you, but you always make me laugh. I sometimes wish you had a blog so that I could see more of what you do... initially it is hard to set up, but it is so rewarding... either way... I love sending to you... and because I think you could use a smile, this time I am sending an extra... Your smiles have made me smile and laugh many times when I really really needed it most, thank you, my sister stitcher! Vanessa, You know that we have a lot in common... Having grown up with deaf parents our lives are unique... I feel that we have had many talks away from the blog that both of us could relate to wholeheartedly. I love your yarns and the creativeness you display in all of your crafts. I love the mittens that honestly will keep my fingers warm tonight, even though it was supposed to be summer... and even the tissue holder to match... I more so love that I truly have a sister who can relate to me in a way not many others can.... thank you, my sister stitcher! Pixie, wow... You are one of the most creative people I know. :) I love love love watching your blog... and as you are also a college student, I understand when you are quiet. However, what you do show us... is a lot of happiness and you are so cheerful and creative. I many times have gotten ideas from you that I never would have had. I also can truly say that I never knew someone with so many distinct looks :) you are a beautiful person with much to give, and I do hope that you know you are a great sister stitcher ;) Finally, I want to award Cindy... When I think of you, I think of so much of me... when I see an old country shelf, or worn out wheel ... I see beauty in it, and I see you ... too.. who understands... I see a wonderfully giving person, who strives to make everyone smile and I see a simple love that is free to everyone who will take it... When I think of sisters, I think of you... thank you for being my sister stitcher!

and finally

the package kim sent, the cute matching fob, and the back of her biscornu and fob so cute... also there are small flowers on the back of fob in the biscornu corners, but the camera batteries are dead... Thank you Kim!

4 sides of biscornu


Photobucket I feel very spoiled today I also recieved this wonderful biscornu from Kim in Iraq. It is the cutest design, and I believe she designed it herself. If so, Kim, you really should look at publishing it, as it would definitely sell :) She sent me tons of goodies with it and each side is stitched with a cute surprise fairy... there is a mushroom, butterflies and even a dragonfly and bee :) and she even stitched me the cutest miniature scissor fob to match thank you Kim! Pictures to come! Laura

Spoiled !

I feel so spoiled. I have the day off due to inches of ice and snow covering the street in front of my house.... it was not a pleasant drive home last night - even though it was mild till the street where I live. Thankfully Jon was driving, or the car would still be at the bottom of the road :) snow is fine, ICE is not! when I got my mail, however, my tension melted! I got two items, and they both made me smile and warmed me right up! First I will share the 3 Ladies exchange Colleen, I have your piece, and .... I cannot wait to start on it :) It is going to be amazing when finished!! Here are the pics one full shot, and one close up! Next round it comes home Colleen!! By the way I will be mailing - late the package to you as soon as the snow melts... I was making you a little something, so make sure to look inside :) Laura

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Squares for round 11 Fair and Squares receieved.

I received a a beautiful set of squares for my final round of fair and squares yestersay from Mary K. I am choosing to end some of my groups, as I have had to choose between 2 ... With Dante, college, work and my upcoming garden it is important to keep things simple :) I will be starting a new round of RR in 2010 and would love to see you there... I will be keeping up with the stitching and this blog and the 2 I chose are: HAED as I have one in progress :) and Peppermint Twist... as I am hoping to get to stitching on that on Mondays :) Hugs to all Thank you Mary K... I LOVE my squares :) Laura

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ladies 3

Hi Laura, I was able to finish up my part on Ladies 3 and am ready to send to you- tomorrow morning. So be on the look out. Thanks Vanessa

A year older!

Ha! It is so weird. Today I am a year older 46 to be exact. Where does the time go? I feel like I am 28! I have lots of energy and too much that I want to do. I guess that is how it is with life! Not looking for birthday wishes - just meditating on the fact that time flies! Now , Laura, I have been working on my Ladies 3 - and I am going to be done with her today and she will be ready to send off to you either Tomorrow or Friday. I will give you the final notice of send off when it happens. I am working on your piece next Laura - I love it but is a challenge for me because of the dark fabric - thank goodness there are lots of blocks of color. Makes it easier on my poor eyes. Even with the mageyes! Really have been enjoying this stitching round! Enjoy your day everyone. I am going to stop in at Hollywood video and get my free movie!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

andrea`s pay it forward to me the photo below didnt show the whole design, so I posted it again thank you Andrea!

PIF recieved from Andrea, a super surprise!

andrea`s pay it forward to me This is the lovely piece I recieved last week or so from Andrea... I should have posted it sooner.. life has been totally hectic here, but I LOVE IT! It is by my bedside on the nightstand, and shall be for some time :) thank you Andrea!! Laura

to start

Cindy`s fobs... Cindy, hope you see these :) I finished your fobs... do you like them?? I wish pictures did them justice... Now just need the addy to send them to ;) Laura

Sunday, March 1, 2009

hi everyone!

pics I am HORRIBLE! I still havent posted pics, and now I do have a few :) I am overwhelmed with college actually e mailed my counsellor tonight i truly need a break .... I am proud to say Dante knows how to clap his hands and play patty cake :) He is a very smart boy... he says kitty ... :) and is actually learning his potty chair pretty good :) Stitching has come to a halt till tomorrow tomorrow I will :) :) :) and take pics or post pics of ANDREA`S WONDERFUL PIECE TO ME ... WHICH IS IN MY BEDROOM RIGHT NEXT TO MY BED ON THE NIGHTSTAND :) MY MAIL ART PIECE WHICH CAME ALL OF THE WAY FROM SWEDEN AND IS STUNNING AS WELL I FEEL SO SPOILED CINDY`S 2 FOBS WHICH I MADE - A ROOSTER ONE, AND A PINK N GREEN ONE ... SORTA AND I AM SURE THERE WILL BE MORE :)

Happy Sunday!

Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday to you all. I love Sundays , it is the one day of the week I am not working , not doing laundry or anything . Only spending time with my family. Yeah. It has been very quiet here! Yes, including me - you see, during the college semester - I am working 6 days a week ( I clean a dental office on the weekend) , I am also looking into becoming a dog groomer so that in the summer when work is low for ASL interpreting. I can do that as well - What has everyone been up to? Any exciting events coming up for anyone - just wanted to get a jump start on conversation here on this board. Thanks Vanessa
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